Our Graphic Design Studio promises teamwork, superior service, a friendly and honest working relationship, and a commitment to excellence. Synergy is key, so we ask the important questions, learn your language, and listen intently to deliver results-driven marketing initiatives.

Our Services

Graphic Design, Marketing, Package Design, Vehicle Wraps, Collateral, Signage / Tradeshow Graphics, Advertising, Web Design and Email Campaigns. Located on Boston's North Shore in Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

DS Design Studio is a design company that delivers agency-quality creative, project management and branding expertise. Our company services small to mid-sized companies that do not have the internal resources to design and deliver all of their sales and marketing initiatives.

Signage / Tradeshow Graphics

Our services for tradeshow events include design and print management of dynamic visuals for our clients booths, 8 x 10 popup displays, store signage and retractable displays. We also create pre-show mailings, follow up mailings, design press kits and produce promotional giveaways for events.


Stunning visuals and compelling copy are critical to the success of an advertisement but there are additional features that make an ad sell product. Our ads focus on sustaining interest, being credible and persuasive, generating a desire, and outline the benefit so consumers are motivated to buy.

Package Design

Attractive packaging sells so we strive for presentation, quality, captivating type, great photography, clear messaging, brand recognition and we research the competition to maximize shelf positioning. Additional marketing initiatives we offer to enhance the packaging experience include: in-store displays, shelf talkers, point of purchase, coupon design, QR codes and online promotional integration.


Our company designs collateral that engages, motivates, stimulates, reinforces your brand, and clearly communicates features and benefits of your product through well thought out designs and visuals. We design corporate brochures, sell/ data sheets, press kits, sales promotions, newsletters, point of purchase, direct mail, and more.

Vehicle Wraps

DS Design Studio has designed vehicle wraps for the sports and beverage industries thus far but are looking to diversify into additional sectors because vehicle wraps grab attention. The statistics from the American Trucking Association indicate that car wraps provide the lowest cost per impression of any advertising method at $1 per thousand impressions.

Web Design, Social Media Imagery

Your web site, social media and other online campaigns must convey your branding and your messaging since often times it is now the first impression a prospective client has of your company. Developing, capturing the mission, promoting and extending your brand reach is at the forefront of all our company or e-commerce web site initiatives.


Our company designs promotional items that are creative, fresh, memorable and focus on extending brand recognition.

Email Campaigns

DS Design Studio has designed email campaigns utilizing MailChimp, ExactTarget, Constant Contact and Vertical Response

Direct Mail

With mailboxes brimming with junk mail, our focus is to stand out in the crowd so we target the message with compelling copy, utilize appealing design, and incorporate online initiatives.

We build strong relationships with our clients because we listen to them intently and dig deep to understand their business.

We're kids at heart so our philosophy is to ask a lot of questions, stay energized, play, have fun, and be creative.

We create value for our clients because they are confident in our abilities, we operate with integrity, professionalism and we define our business and creative processes.

About DS Design Studio

Based in Rockport, Massachusetts, one hour north of Boston on Cape Ann, we offer graphic design, marketing, project and brand management services.

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Our Services

Collateral, Package Design, Advertising, Tradeshow Signage, Retail Signage, Vehicle Wrap Design, Email Campaigns, Web Design, Direct Mail, Promotional Items, Brand Management, Project Management, and Print Management.

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Proven Track Record

Our company has provided marketing initiatives for well known brands in various industry sectors including sports, food & beverage, health care, software, energy, cosmetics, apparel, education, finance and more. We actively listen to Marketing Directors and study their brands so we can seamlessly design projects that speak to our clients' image and mission.

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