Challenges, determination, and admiration


Our Easter Seals Story

The determination, challenges and success stories the individuals at Easter Seals push through each day exemplify the drive and resolve I admire so much. I have been lucky enough to assist this great organization with marketing collateral but in no way do my efforts compare to these extraordinary people.

I have been fortunate enough to design and print manage signage and collateral for multiple promotions including Easter Seals Team Hoyt Boston Marathon campaign for three consecutive years. If you haven't heard of Dick and Rick Hoyt, do yourself a favor and look them up online. It is a story of love between a father and son, fulfilling dreams, love of life, determination, inspiration, and will power.

OUR GOAL IS TO MAKE YOUR COMPANY SUCCESSFUL, so if you feel that we can assist in these types of marketing initiatives, please review the Easter Seals Portfolio section.